Mark Ryden Backpack with Extra Volume

Some professionals require a large laptop backpack. At the same time, whether it’s a regular day at the office or a business trip, many of us require additional room in our bags. You need an upgrade if you are always packing things in your backpack or planning travels.

So we Mark Ryden Australia proudly presents Pathrato backpack. It’s a backpack that can comfortably fit a 17.3-inch laptop. And yes this is a laptop backpack, but with additional compartments for a variety of items. With this backpack excursions, business travels, and journeys to the workplace will be considerably more comfortable and secure. We urge you to learn more about Pathrato by visiting our website. Shop Mark Ryden Pathrato

The Mark Ryden Pathrato backpack features three major compartments that are organized according to the nature of the items you want to store. Electronics go in the first compartment, which is closest to the back. It can hold your laptop, tablet, and documents, as well as accessories like a portable keyboard. The central section is for clothes and toiletries, featuring mesh pockets to assist organize the contents while also keeping unpaved clothing clean.

The third compartment is for the last-minute items you’ll need on your vacation. A small compartment on the front of the backpack is also available for small items such as glasses, access cards, or trip tickets.

Different opening modes are available for the three major compartments. The electronics compartment opens completely on the side edges and the upper one like a briefcase, the clothing compartment opens like a suitcase, and the small items compartment has an upper entrance with fast access.

Pathrato Mark Ryden 17 inch Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

When you’re commuting or walking through the streets and suddenly start raining, the most pressing worry is the safety of your devices and moisture protection. Thankfully, the Mark Ryden Pathrato backpack is water-resistant. The oxford polyester material, as well as the zipper closing, will keep water out of the backpack’s contents. This material is stain-resistant and quick-drying.

Since Pathrato is a large volume backpack that you can purchase from our Mark Ryden Australia website, one of the most crucial features is the belt system. The straps, as well as the design of the area that comes into contact with the back, are intended to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly across the back and shoulders. When you carry the same weight in a standard backpack, it will appear considerably heavier than when you carry it with the Pathrato backpack.

The breathable back pad built-in provides efficient air circulation, which protects your clothes from undesired stains.

Additionally, Mark Ryden Pathrato includes a USB port for charging your devices while on the go. And also comes with a side handle that converts the backpack into a stylish briefcase. It gives a serious and professional appearance.

The Pathrato backpack from Mark Ryden Australia allows you to carry your items in a comfortable and safe manner, whether you use it for trips, business travels, or just commuting to the office.